Message from the President

Leading our ship trading business to a new stage

In April 2021, Sumisho Marine has succeeded ship trading businesses of Sumitomo Corporation, and was reborn as a “trading company specializing in maritime industry,” dealing with all businesses related to maritime, including sales and purchase of newbuilding and second-hand ships, chartering, finance arrangement, ship management and handling marine equipment. It has now been three years since our reborn.

Under our four fundamental principles of conduct, which consist of (1) Compliance & Safety, (2) Respect & Communication, (3) Open Mind & Innovation and (4) Full Passion & Ownership, we have made contributions to global society and to provide safe and reliable logistics services through establishing and developing the value chain within shipping industry by expansion and enhancement of our trading businesses.
Thanks to these activities, we have recently achieved a major milestone to expand our portfolio by jointly owning the ships that has high synergy effects with our existing ship trading business. This accomplishment represents a long-cherished goal of ours.

In today’s shipping and shipbuilding industries, dealing with various environmental issues and social responsibilities, including GHG emission control, is required in order to maintain a sustainable society. We are also placing a strong emphasis on promoting environmentally friendly ships with sails and fuels of LNG, methanol and ammonia as part of our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
We will aim to contribute to the future of maritime transportation by tackling with these issues by proactively adopting advanced technologies in our business and providing environmentally-friendly ships to our customers.

From the old days, seniors of Sumitomo made many decisions from view point of protecting the sustainability of natural environment and local communities, not pursuing only it’s company’s own interests.
Succeeding this spirit, we will devote our efforts to develop global economy through providing safe and efficient means of marine transportation as well as to mitigate climate change and to achieve a circular economy by pursuing the way of business which contributes to the public benefit.

President and CEO Naohiko Higashii

Sumisho Marine’s Goals

We are committed to providing high quality services from the practical, technical, and field perspective to our customers as a group of experts in the maritime trading business.

We will nurture and leverage our own functions and insight and contribute, along with our stakeholders, to the development of maritime industry.

Sumitomo Corporation Group’s Management Principles and Activity Guidelines

Corporate Vision

We aim to be a global organization that constantly stays a step ahead in dealing with change, creates new value, and contributes broadly to society.

Management Principles

Corporate mission

To achieve prosperity and realize dreams through sound business activities.

Management style

To place prime importance on integrity and sound management with utmost respect for the individual.

Corporate culture

To foster a corporate culture full of vitality and conducive to innovation.

Activity Guidelines

  • To act with honesty and sincerity on the basis of Sumitomo's business philosophy and in keeping with the Management Principles.
  • To comply with laws and regulations while maintaining the highest ethical standards.
  • To set high value on transparency and openness.
  • To attach great importance to protecting the global environment.
  • To contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.
  • To achieve teamwork and integrated corporate strength through active communication.
  • To set clear objectives and achieve them with enthusiasm.

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